About Us

Look, lets be real here... Leovis is the new fashion company on the block. We're the underdogs going against a huge market. But we can't wait to turn the fashion industry upside down.

We're here to do things better, faster and more convenient than ever before. We will bend over backwards to make sure your experience is that of the utmost. Yeah sounds cliche but we actually mean it. 

Leovis was founded in 2021 however our roots spring back to 2014 when our first fashion instagram account was started. Why was it started? Purely from urge to explore the world of fashion and create a community around it. Now... after studying the industry for over 7 years we decided we can do it better. So here we are.

We include 5-10 Day Free shipping because we hate hidden fees. We have a 7 day return policy because we know sometimes it just doesn't fit or look how we imagined.

We are constantly seeking new suppliers, new products and new opportunities. Shopping is changing, fashion is (of course) changing, the only constant in life is change itself. Thats why we're so excited to have you be part of our change.

From humble beginnings emerge fantastic journeys. Welcome to the journey.

- Leovis Team

Free Express Shipping

Complimentary 5-10 day domestic shipping on all orders.

Customer Support

We're here for you 24/7. Just chat with us and we'll solve any issue or concern.

Free 7-day returns and exchanges

Something doesn't fit right or your not feeling it anymore? No worries let us know and you'll get a return or exchange asap.